Home Tech Training Made Easy For The Elderly In RI

Ronda Sciolto offers in-home technology training services for the elderly as well as hearing or visually impaired persons.

Ronda also provides help with computer assistance, software, smart home system setup, and most home electronic gadgets in the ever-growing world of the internet of things.

photo of Ronda helping older lady sitting at a computer

Smart Home Device Setup Service – Anywhere In Rhode Island

Ronda will custom program a smart home device to the exact needs and preferences of your loved one.

Custom programming and setup of Smart Speakers (electronic digital assistant) – Google Home – Apple HomePod – Amazon Echo – Facebook Portal

Ronda will custom program a smart home speaker to the exact needs and preferences of your loved one.

Training for elders and their families to best utilize their device. Ronda also works with local or out of state family members to make sure they can communicate with and monitor their loved one 24/7/365.

Personal evaluation and help to choose the device that will best fit your elder loved one’s needs.


“With my patient and peaceful approach I help your elder loved one with technology AND I also help you.”

I help you use technology to connect, communicate, and maintain safety and independence to:

  • Improve relationships with family and friends.
  • Visit with the kids and grandkids wherever they live. Meet with family while they are living their busy lives.
  • See all those family photos.  Everyone is taking more photos on smart phones, tablets and computers. Have a cherished family album.
  • Maintain independence and safety.  Smart Home technology customized for your personal needs.
  • Use the right technology. You don’t have to learn or use it all.
I will help your elder family member, and you.

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