Smart Speakers assist Elders in maintaining independence, autonomy and social connections

In my previous blog post titled Smart Speakers and Personal Digital Assistants made SIMPLE I give a brief introduction to the Smart Speaker and begin to talk about the Personal Digital Assistant and uses for a Smart Speaker.

In this blog post I am going to continue share with you some ways Smart Technology can alleviate concerns we all have as we age like maintaining independence and autonomy, social connections and happiness.

A Smart Speaker can help us live independently

Smart Speakers with a Personal Digital assistants are helping individuals live independently with things like remembering appointments, taking medication, locating misplaced items to shopping, product and food delivery. Fresh, organic groceries can now be ordered from an Amazon Echo speaker in a city with a participating Whole Foods Market with Prime Now.

Smart Speakers help keep us safe by helping to avoid avoiding falls. See my previous post 3 Most Common Health and Safety Concerns Alleviated with Smart Speakers for more information about this topic .

Smart Speakers can help us stay healthy and happy by maintaining social connections

Smart Speakers are helping us stay healthy and happy by maintaining connections with friends and family, especially family members with busy lifestyles and who live in different cities than we do.

Smart Speakers with video screens like Echo Show by Amazon, Google Hub or Facebook Portal are bridging the communication gap between grandchildren who use their phones primarily for texting and watching YouTube videos video and their grandparent who may not even own a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The return of family photos and movies

More people are taking photos and movies than ever before, yet we see less photos than ever. Smart Speakers with video screens allow family photo album sharing. A family member can take photos or videos on their smartphones and share with their family members. To view the latest family photos, an elder simply says “Alexa, view my family photo album” from their Smart Speaker.

Addressing accessibility and privacy concerns

Smart speakers can benefit those with mobility issues, hearing and sight impairment. Smart speakers are always listening for commands so this raises privacy concerns. Click here and scroll to the bottom to read my blog post where I address accessibility and privacy. makes choosing and using a Smart Speaker SIMPLE

Technology can offer so many choices that the elder and family can get overwhelmed. Taking it slow and keeping it simple is a way to alleviate the stress that adding technology to life can impose.

I make choosing and using a Smart Speaker simple for the elder and their family by talking with the persons who the Smart Speaker will benefit. I find out about the individual and their families, their needs and preferences. In addition to custom fitting you with the right device, I can also program the devices for specific needs.

If you already own an Alexa, Google or Apple device I will help you get more out of your device than looking up information or listening to your favorite song.

I recommend just what is needed, no more, no less to get you off to a comfortable and peaceful start with your Smart Speaker or add to your existing Smart Home technology.

Call me today to schedule our free one-hour meeting and you can decide for yourself if Smart technology will be beneficial for you.