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Struggle with Technology:

Overwhelmed or intimidated?

Lost in the maze of technology:

Stuck and unable to move forward?

Don’t know where to begin:

Feeling defeated or left behind in a digital world?

overwhelmed by technology
Confused by technology
defeated by technology

If there was someone who would come alongside you and help…

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At Help Me Ronda Tech we help people who struggle with technology.

If that is you, then you need someone to come alongside you so you can be more confident with technology. If you don’t know where to get started, have gotten stuck, or given up, you may feel frustrated, defeated and possibly too embarrassed to admit it.

You do not need to struggle or be defeated by technology any longer.

Get Free from Tech Frustration and Save Time

  • Conquer the tech maze with Ronda by your side.
  • Get unstuck to move forward to make impact and income.
  • Calmly and confidently face technology with Ronda’s patient approach.
  • Eliminate delays caused by tech trouble.
  • Bring order to all the tech pieces.
  • Be empowered doing what you enjoy instead of wasting time on tech issues.

Three decades of tech know-how becomes yours
with Help Me Ronda Tech as your guide.

In-person Technology Training services in Rhode Island

Technology consulting, coaching and training done remotely anywhere in the world with internet access

How to get tech help from help me ronda tech

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Ronda addressed all my questions and issues with total patience and competence. She has made my life a lot easier. In working on some of my questions, she downloaded and update applications that are extremely helpful, adding value above and beyond my original expectations.

Deborah Penn ~ Newport, Rhode Island

I called Ronda because I was caught in an endless maze of frustration with Safari, Chrome, Gmail, Apple Mail, and password/sign-in craziness. She focused on the areas that were frustrating me, helped me change and unravel some of the problems, and helped me understand in ways that I could take with me. She was great! I plan to be in touch with her again when I need help and, in the meantime, I feel less anxious simply because I know I CAN call her.

Joanna Ross, PhD ~ Tiverton, Rhode Island

Ronda is a combination of pure kindness, genius and strength. She will stick with you until the end, do everything possible to encourage, and amaze you with all the tech tricks that she has up her sleeves. She is great with people who are not so technologically savvy but also with those who are. We strongly recommend her and look forward to working with her again.

Jennifer Prele, Enabling Environments

home tech support training - coaching for elders - disabled in ri

Ronda Sciolto (Umphrey), Founder of Help Me Ronda Tech

My name is Ronda. I am a tech-savvy Baby Boomer. Like most of my clients, I grew up before technology consumed our everyday life.

I believe the world needs the wisdom and experience of the pre-internet generation. Technology is a vehicle, it should not be a barrier.

This is why I left my 30-year career in corporate information technology to help the pre-internet generation overcome tech challenges and thrive in a digital world.

Today, without technology know-how it is difficult to make impact and income, personally or in business.

My approach to technology is unique and effective. I come alongside my clients as a patient guide and instructor helping to overcome tech barriers with ease.

As a result, I have helped hundreds from the pre-internet generation, baby boomers and elders, business owners and retirees, save time, become confident and free of tech-frustration.

Ronda is the answer to your prayers if you are looking for answers regarding computer use, computer capability and applications. She specializes in “the post 50 year old crowd” who need guidance in using computers, programs, you name it.
She has extraordinary kindness and an easy going attitude–a graciousness–as she shows you how to do what you need to do.

I wasn’t sure if doing a Zoom call would be a good way to work with me on a PowerPoint presentation. Well, it was as if we were together in her home office. It was a delightful, stress-free experience and she takes it slowly with you and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable as she teaches you how to do it when Ronda isn’t there! I look forward to working with Ronda again. A+++ for this wonderful computer and digital media instructor with extraordinary kindness and an easy going attitude–a graciousness–as she shows you how to do what you need to do.

Dave Layman, Layman Communications

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Or, click on button below to schedule a time for me to call you.