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Why Help Me Ronda.tech?

My name is Ronda Umphrey.  I remove stress and confusion associated with technology.

I am a patient and purposeful technology trainer and coach.

I help non-technical natives fulfill personal and professional goals and dreams by defeating the digital giants that stand in the way.

I created this Blog to share my journey of building an online platform to be known, to train and coach my tribe.

This journey will be one of simplicity but not without relevance. I will replace tech-speak with clear communication so that you can not only follow along but take the journey of building an online platform with my help.


Living in a digital world is challenging, doing business in a digital world is even more challenging with all the technology.


Here is a little about me and why I am prepared to help you…

My professional background is in the information technology field. After thirty years I broke out of the confines of my cubicle to become an entreprenuer.

See my Bio page where I share more in depth.


I have a passion and calling to those who have goals to accomplish, starting or growing a successful business online, publishing and marketing their book and becoming known online.


If you are personally like me, you care about people and want to reach those that you have a unique solution for.

What better place to reach those we are called to help but the internet?


Do you need help defeating the digital giants that stand in the way of fulfilling your professional and personal goals and dreams?

If your answer is yes or YES! then my Blog is for you.


Do you sometimes or often suffer from digital distress?

I will provide relief to you.


I invite you to take the journey with me.

Please sign-up so you do not miss a step.