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Ronda Sciolto (Umphrey), Founder of Help Me Ronda Tech

My name is Ronda. I am a tech-savvy Baby Boomer. Like most of my clients, I grew up before technology consumed our everyday life.

I believe the world needs the wisdom and experience of the pre-internet generation. Technology is a vehicle, it should not be a barrier.

This is why I left my 30-year career in corporate information technology to help the pre-internet generation overcome tech challenges and thrive in a digital world.

Today, without technology know-how it is difficult to make impact and income, personally or in business.

My approach to technology is unique and effective. I come alongside my clients as a patient guide and instructor helping to overcome tech barriers with ease.

As a result, I have helped hundreds from the pre-internet generation including Baby Boomers, elders, business owners and retirees to save time, become confident and free of tech-frustration.